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Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Research Interests

Social networks, social capital, individual career, leadership, group change, creativity, and effectiveness

  • Woehler, M., Floyd, T., Shah, N., Marineau, J., Sung, W., Travis Grosser, Jesse Fagan & Giuseppe Labianca (2021). Turnover During a Corporate Merger: How Workplace Network Change Influences Staying. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(12), 1939-1949.
  • Sung, W., Woehler, Meredith L., Fagan, Jesse M., Grosser, Travis J., Floyd, Theresa M., Labianca, G. (2017). Employees' Responses to an Organizational Merger: Intraindividual Change in Organizational Identification, Attachment, and Turnover. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(6), 910-934.
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