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Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Research Interests

Leadership, Workplace Relationship, Newcomer Socialization

  • Dust, S., Liu, H., Wang, S., & Reina, C. (2022). The effect of mindfulness and job demands on motivation and performance trajectories across the workweek: An entrainment theory perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology, 107(2), 221-239.
  • Li, R., Wang, S., & Wang, H. (2022). Leader humility and team creativity: The role of team creative efficacy and task interdependence. Journal of General Management.
  • Liu, H., Chiang, J., Fehr, R., Xu, M., & Wang, S. (2017). How do leaders react when treated unfairly? Leader narcissism and self-interested behavior in response to unfair treatment. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(11), 1590-1599.
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