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Assistant Professor, Department of Management

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Employee Creativity, Voice Behavior, Workplace Stress, Goal Orientation, Human Resources Management

  • Gong, Y., Wang, M., Huang, J., & Cheung, S. (2017). Toward a Goal Orientation-Based Feedback-Seeking Typology: Implications for Employee Performance Outcomes. Journal of Management, 43(4), 1234-1260.
  • Cheung, S., Gong, Y., Wang, M., Zhou, L., & Shi, J. (2016). When and how does functional diversity influence team innovation? The mediating role of knowledge sharing and the moderation role of affect-based trust in a team. Human Relations, 69(7), 1507-1531.
  • Cheung, S., Gong, Y., & Huang, J. (2016). Emotional intelligence, job insecurity and psychological strain among real estate agents: A test of mediation and moderation models. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 27(2), 2673-2694.
  • Takeuchi, R., Chen, Z., & Cheung, S. (2012). Applying Uncertainty Management Theory to Employee Voice Behavior: An Integrative Investigation. Personnel Psychology, 65(2), 283-323.
  • Gong, Y., Cheung, S., Wang, M., & Huang, J. (2012). Unfolding the Proactive Process for Creativity: Integration of the Employee Proactivity Information Exchange and Psychological Safety Perspectives. Journal of Management, 38(5), 1611-1633.
  • Gong, Y., Chang, S., & Cheung, S. (2010). High Performance Work Systems and Collective OCB: A Collective Social Exchange Perspective. Human Resource Management Journal, 20(2), 119-137.
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