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Assistant Professor, Department of Management

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Strategic Management, International Business, Interfirm Networks, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

  • Zhong, W., Lin, Y., Gao, D., & Yang, H. (2019). Does politician turnover affect foreign 
subsidiary performance? Evidence in China. Journal of International Business Studies.
  • Xia, J., Wang, Y., Lin, Y., Yang, H., & Li, S. (2018). Alliance Formation in the Midst of Market and Network: Insights From Resource Dependence and Network Perspectives. Journal of Management, 44(5), 1899-1925.
  • Lin, Y., Shi, W., Prescott, John E., & Yang, H. (2018). In the Eye of the Beholder: Top Managers' Long-Term Orientation, Industry Context, and Decision-Making Processes. Journal of Management.
  • Gao, Y., Lin, Y., & Yang, H. (2017). What's the value in it? Corporate giving under uncertainty. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 34(1), 215-240.
  • Yang, H., Lin, Z., & Lin, Y. (2010). A multi-level framework of firm boundaries: Firm characteristics, dyadic differences, and network attributes. Strategic Management Journal, 31, 237-261.
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