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Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Research Interests

Corporate-level Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Human Capital, Sport-Data Science

  • Kim, J., & Makadok, R. (in press). Where the stars still shine: Some effects of Star-Performer-Turned-Managers (SPTMs) on Organizational Performance. Strategic Management Journal.
  • Kim, J., & Makadok, R. (in press). Unpacking the "O" in VRIO: The role of workflow interdependence in the loss and replacement of strategic human capital. Strategic Management Journal.
  • Lee, J., Kim, J., & Bae, J. (2020). Founder CEOs and innovation: Evidence from CEO sudden deaths in public firms. Research Policy, 49(1), 103862.
  • Kim, J. (2017). Star Performers Turned Managers and Organizational Outcomes. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 1.
  • Lee, Y., Hemmert, M., & Kim, J. (2014). What drives the international ownership strategies of Chinese firms? The role of distance and home-country institutional factors in outward acquisitions. Asian Business and Management, 13(3), 197-225.
  • Kim, J., Moon, J., & Kim, I. (2011). China's outward foreign direct investment: Evidence from 2003-2008. International Business Journal, 22(3), 29-64.
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