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Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Research Interests

Inequality, Social Class, Gender, Inclusion, Intervention

  • Chua, R. Y. J., Lim, J. H., & Wiruchnipawan, W. F. (2022). Unlocking the creativity potential of dialectical thinking: Field investigations of the comparative effects of transformational and transactional leadership styles. Journal of Creative Behavior, 56(2), 258-273.
  • Lim, J. H., Tai, K., & Kouchaki, M. (2021). Ambivalent bosses: An examination of supervisor expressed emotional ambivalence on subordinate task engagement. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 165, 139-152.
  • Lim, J. H., Tai, K., Bamberger, P. A., & Morrison, E. W. (2020). Soliciting Resources From Others: An Integrative Review. Academy of Management Annals, 14(1), 122-159.
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