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Part-time Teaching Consultant, Department of Management

Associate Director (Consultancy Service), CHRSD

Research Interests

Strategic Human Resources Management, Performance and Rewards Management, Employee Relations and Participation, and Career Counselling

  • Chen, Y. P., Hsu, Y. S., & Yip, F. W. K. (2011). Friend or Rivals: Comparative Perceptions of Human Resource and Line Managers on Perceived Future Firm Performance. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22(8), 1703-1722.
  • Yip, F. W. K., Priem, R. L., & Cycyota, C. S. (2001). The performance effects of human resource managers' and other middle managers' involvement in strategy making under different business-level strategies: the case in Hong Kong. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 12(8), 1325-1346.
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